- 5ml Tattoo Repair Agent Cell Growth Factor Repair Essence Embroidered Eyebrow Bleaching Restorative Agent

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Описание и характеристики

Specification:Use skin quality: all skin.Capacity:5ml/bottleRepair effect: repair color retention, embroidered eyebrows to reduce boring, dry itchy feeling.For the repair of the skin and mucous membrane of the lips, it can be quickly repaired and moisturized.Feature:- Deep skin repair factor repair layers of bad skin, accelerate cells metabolism and aging cutin, the new supersedes the old.- Effectively reduce the deposition of melanin, make skin more delicate, smooth, shiny, increase skin elasticity.Applicable to products:1, Tattoo, laser, photon beauty after repair.2, the repair after all kinds of cosmetic modification.3, pimples, acne and other unsmooth skin repair.4, after exposure to sunlight, the abuse of cosmetics and environmental pollution causes the repair of various skin reactions.Usage:open the plastic cover of lyophilized powder and solvent, shake the lye into the freeze-dried powder bottle, dissolve the powder instantly, and evenly apply the right amount of this product to the face after skin cleaning every morning and evening,use 5-7days in a row.Package including:1 x 5ml Freeze-dried powder1 x 5ml Repair Essence

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