Drillpro 4pcs Nitride Double Side Damaged Screw Extractor Screw Remover

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Description:Drillpro 4pcs Nitride Double Side Damaged Screw Extractor Screw RemoverSpecification:Material: High speed steel (HSS4341)ModelDrill bitExtractorShank Dia.Length1#2.8mm2.5mm6.35mm51mm2#3.4mm3.2mm6.35mm3#4.0mm4.4mm6.35mm4#6.0mm5.2mm8.7mmFeatures:Nitride coated, increase the hardness.Can extract 3-12mm iron bolt or steel bolt.Easy to use, just two easy steps. An essential part of every tool kit box.The 4 piece screw extractor set works with any drill and any screw size or bolt.Screw head grinding teeth polished, save time and effort, convienient.Easy go under the screwwith hand drill.Note:1. Thisisanessentialpartofeverytoolkitbox.2. Itisperfectforsomeonewhoconstantlyhasto dealwithprojects withrustedboltsandscrewheads,snappedoffboltsandahostofotherissues.3. Itismadefromhighqualitymaterial.4. Eachscrewislabeledanditcomesindifferentsizes.5. Theboxcanbeclosedforeasystoragesoyoudontlosethepieces.6. Havingthisgivesyouconfidencethatstrippedorbrokenscrewsarenotamajorproblem.Package Included:4 x Damaged screw extractorMore Details:

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